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Website design and development should go hand-in-hand with beautiful branding and design, to create a website that becomes an asset
(and not a headache!) for your organisation. 

Priscilla Morris | Morris Communications

I have been creating and caring for websites since 2001.

With over 23 years of PR, marketing and communications experience, I understand how important a website that ‘just works’ is to your organisation. 

I also know how overwhelming website tech and maintenance can be. Many clients have come to me after a bad experience with a developer who can only speak ‘tech’ or a website that keeps crashing because of poor maintenance. 

I can be your website-wing-woman – a partner who thinks along with you, takes the website hassle off your plate and amends the odd typo when I spot it! 

All my websites follow my unique ‘Purpose’ method, to make sure we always put the human experience first in design and development. 

Priscilla Morris

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I love orange, but I’m also pretty green

I picked the orange in my logo because I am Dutch. Being Dutch (and from a dockworking town) this also means a ‘no-nonsense, straight and to the point, getting it done’ mentality… 

…but, I aim to make websites green!

Websites are stored in data centres and those centres need a huge amount of energy to run properly. According to recent studies, global data centres are estimated to consume 1% of global electricity use, issuing high quantities of CO2.

So when I pick hosting for my websites, I always use ‘green web hosting’. Although they are not perfect yet, every little step helps. 

In addition, for every website build, I donate funds to planting a Mini-Morris-Forest every time I build a website. You will get an update on what kind of tree you planted and where 🌳

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